About me

I am a professional doll artist. I currently live and work on my dolls in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  My dedication to the dolls comes from my childhood. My project BiDoll started in 2010.

I have several lines of products and I believe that my dolls are one of the best dolls in the world.

My art was acknowledged by multiple awards and prizes such as

Hellen Bullard NIADA award of excellence (2018)

PDMAG The Best Doll Of The Show (2018)

Hellen Bullard NIADA award of excellence (2017)

PDMAG gold award The best BJD (2017)

IDTS The Best Doll Of The Show (2015)

IDTS The Best DJD (2015, 2016)

Industry choice award of excellence Dolls magazine  (2016) and others

I also got multiple publications in many doll magazines and art books.

International Doll Artist Magazine 2020(article, back cover)

Haute Doll Magazine August  2016 (cover, article)

Haute Doll Magazine  April  2016 (cover, article)

AforArtistic winter 2017 (cover, article)

PDMAG Book  2017 (article)

International Doll  Artist Magazine 2017 (article)

L'art de la BJD 2017 Book (article)  and more

Send a message to bidolls@yahoo.com  or call 412-607-81-79

My skills

7+  years fashion doll making experience

8+  years 3D modeling experience (Zbrash)

15+ years Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Autoeffect, Adobe Premier and others 2D programs experience

Advanced skills with 3D printing technologies

Silicon mold making

Resin casting

Plaster mold making

Ceramic casting 

Ceramic firing `

Painting, and illustration

I am proficient in every step of making doll from start to finish (wig, shoes, clothes, face-up, body paint, accessories)


Belarus State Academy of Arts – Main Campus              

Minsk, Belarus

Bachelor of Arts - Designer

Major:  Design (Virtual Media)