3D Models

I am working in ZBrush more than 7 years almost every day.

I create prototypes for my dolls only in 3D program. I transfer 3D models to real live by 3D printing technologies. I know also how to prepare 3D printed doll for real casting. I can do mold making and casting process by myself if needed (resin, porcelain)

All dolls in this portfolio are original and unique. Everything - doll sculpture, face up, body paint wig, outfit, accessories and shoes - is made by Rafael Nuri from design to final product.

From 3D model to real doll

Portrait doll. This doll was made for personal use with Tatiana Dziahileva permission

ZBrush 3D model Real Doll

ZBrash 3D model Real Doll

ZBruash 3D model Real Doll

3D model Gold-plated metal corset

ZBrush 3D model Real Doll

ZBrush 3D model Real shoes